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What a difference a year makes. This time last year, I was courting after someone who wasn’t quite my match. While still remaining acquaintances through common association of going to the same high school, there was no relationship connection. Now, I find myself looking over his forgotten Facebook page with messages that read “miss you”, “love ya roomie” and “come back! I miss being poked”. Today he is in Basic Training in the Air Force. Today he is probably working on something that has no connection to his home. And today, he is most definitely not thinking about me.

When I walked home from a friend’s apartment last night, and on many occasions when I walk solo in the dark, I can’t help but think of what little time I spent with him. I genuinely enjoy the nighttime on campus. There’s a different sense of energy that flows amongst the streetlights and cars. In these nights, my only company is my IPod that plays music from the latest Kings of Leon album. I pass certain buildings and look for secret hide-out spots and think in hindsight of what could have been. What could’ve changed. What could’ve gone differently if say I had a car or the freedom of unlimited texting. The time we spent together, though, influences my decisions to this very day. And he may never know that for as long as into the future. He may never know I developed a major crush on him in high school when we had class together. He was a flirty type of person, and I expected him to show a lot of different girls’ attention. It’s just that I never imagined that one day it would be me with his undivided attention. The moments we spent together, however few are just that…moments. One of my favorites was the night we went to go see “The Princess Bride” at the Student Life Cinema. After we went to a 2 am run to Mickey D’s and headed back to my room, I learned a little bit of long boarding while suffering from his desire to catch me off guard to kiss and tickle me. I even like the moments we spent together on Friday, April 30, 2009 in the basement of my dorm, watching the movie “Must Love Dogs”. The only reason why I remember this exact date is because it was the very last day I spent on campus as a freshman. The next morning, I would be heading back home as he stayed up in the city to take summer classes. We almost acted like we were in a relationship, the good parts nonetheless. Enjoying each other’s company. Running around empty classroom buildings ten o’clock at night, chasing each other playing tag, in that childish sort of way. Holding each other looking over College Avenue from a distance as partygoers went by. Warm embraces aside, and much to my dismay, I look deeper into the event then what actually occurred. This would be the last time I would see him.

Now I look back, like I do often, with a varied perspective. He’s in Texas. And now that I think about it, he was from Texas before he moved to town in seventh  grade when I got to know him. He was a skateboarder. Glasses. I have an soft spot for glasses. I think they’re sexy in that nerdy way, even though I’m shallow enough to consider it a flaw since it means weak vision genes. Lame, I know, these inner conflicts consume my all-too-precious time. Played lacrosse and ran for fun. These minor surface details that you could pull from a Facebook profile is only the depth at which I knew him. That was all I was going to get. This summer, I am staying up for classes for the first time. I’m taking a full course load, and in order not to think about him or anyone for that matter, I remain to keep myself busy with school work. Fully believing, that if I focus on the task at hand and alienate my friends or any social life for that matter, I won’t have to think about the things like a “summer romance”. I will not put my energy towards anything of that matter because mentally “I don’t want to go there”.

In the eyes of my best friend, a year’s difference has been good for her. This time last year, she had a brief three month liaison with a guy she met at a night club. I stayed with her and listened as she poured her heart out about her worries for the future at any relationship. They never amounted to anything past a few intimate dates and a good time. He was very attractive in that superficial way, and how you say “easy on the eyes”. She was the first person I went to after “he” took it a little too far that Friday night on April 30th.

Now, a year later, after hours we spent on the phone, talking to each other as our cell phone batteries died she has her first official boyfriend and is no longer a card member of the V-club. Honestly, I thought it wouldn’t happen so fast, but a year has definitely made the difference. We talked, as most girls do about her “first time”. It hurt, she cried, and felt overwhelmed. Her boyfriend, just from hearing is a very down-to earth guy, and I can’t wish her anymore happiness. I love her to bits and pieces. I wish I was there to comfort her and give her a hug, and be the moral support that distance cannot provide. But for right now, we’ll just have to deal with the benefits of technology through phone calls and Facebook.

So the school year is almost over. I head home in three days, only to return five days later to take those summer classes. I move on to new people and a new place. There’s always something to be learned at the end of every semester.
Thoughtfully yours, Tiffany
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