Playing Passionately

Just a collection of my writing with a splash of pop-culture.

I just wanna be in LOVE. That is not too much to ask. In fact, it's not even a question. It is definitely my very near future. Tonight I walk home from a meeting, in solo, but that is soon to change. I watch as the overt and milky white moon shines low in the horizon. This luna, this very luna shines with the complexity of the sun at night. Bright, off-white, and full of light. My future, my very near future is as bright and full of love as that moon.


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Why It Began

My version of an online journal/blog/soapbox rolled into one. Only recently have I started publishing my entries online, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!
P.S. I would LOVE any feedback you have for me as a writer. As of right now, I'm just writing for personal experience, but if you have any advice for me, I would gladly appreciate.
Thanks Again