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It’s funny how inspiration can hit in the most spontaneous of places. Taking a bus ride home from work I spotted a Q-dog doing some chick recruitment-my assumption is that it’s to their next social, and all of the new pledges have to get a certain number of chicks to come. Now I won’t lie and say that not getting invited didn’t hurt my ego. But then let’s remember I was wearing my headphones and I was reading off to the side of a large group. Basically unapproachable I guess. But hey, I’m content with it. Anyways, seeing this guy inviting chicks by basically slipping by these little purple flyers, chatting them up at the bus stop and on the bus. It was actually amusing to watch. Haha my sense of humor is a little off-kilter and sickly. But anyways to my left of the Union bus stop, I got a great visual of an intro to a story I’m considering writing. About the fraternity life of guys and the pressures brought on by their pledge week. We always hear about the girls, so what about the guys? What do guys have to do in this social dimension to get the “in”.

“The not-so-patient students waited as the bus stop swaying from left to right like willow trees in a rain storm. The clouds were an omnipresent grey and white mixture, the impending future of rain was inevitable. People texted away as I spotted more than twenty heads looking around for this overly late bus”


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