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Monday · July 6, 2009 · 12.28 am

"Let the Bad Egg Get Lost, Open Your Arms to the Genuine One (Right One is Too Cliché)"

Can we say Meeee-oooow? Oui, thanks Cosmopolitan, I discovered, unearthed if you choose- that my flirty side is little frightened kitty in the corner of a dark room. Now don’t get me wrong, I can be girly if I choose, I’m just a little – let’s say hesitant – when it comes to being forward with guys and putting myself on the ever-so-thin line. Like walking the tightrope and praying to all that is holy that something doesn’t set you over the edge falling like a rock in water. Call it by the psychological name: Fear of Rejection. Hmm, let’s look a little deeper into this word, reject. To cast off, to refuse to have, vomit? Ok maybe a little extreme on the last word. Ugh, I shudder at the thought of it, and I won’t go to deep into it because it’s just fueling the fear. My little voice is screaming “GET OVER IT GIRL! JUST PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE!” Yes my friends, easier said than done. But I have to promise myself that maybe I just need to be a little more forward than usual in a defined way; give that lingering touch, play with the gaze into his eyes. Ha, wish me luck, I’m gonna try to go into the game with a new additude without saying to the guy “Here it all is, grab as much as you can!” Because let’s be honest here, the last time I did that, the um male friend wanted to take it a little more than a kiss all the way into his pants (Hey buddy, let’s recount that just because we’ve met about two previous times - they weren't even official dates, ok maybe one was – doesn’t mean I wanted to give you a handy job behind a building at night!) Heh, yeah, I’ll pray in the future that I can be friends/meet guys that respect me more than that. That’s what is important to me. Mutual respect. Got that guys? - Ya listening? – Then you at least have your foot in the door with me. Treat a lady with respect! Take the initiative and go in for the kiss. Be a gentleman, we still believe in chivalry. Humor always grabs my heart. But my number one rule for those future endeavors is No Expectations. Yes, because I could be eliminating alot of eligible guys who are genuinely good catches.

So what have we learned from all of this? Well besides that I obviously have some bad memories hanging in the back of my closet, I promise to let my inner sexy kitty out once in a while. She needs a little sunshine too. Not to mention that I will not let my single desperation get the best of me in situations that can go 180 degrees in a matter of seconds. Thanks for listening to my rant, ahhh, writing therapy feels good.

Note to Self: Hey Genius! It’s just that simple: Say hi and give him a genuine compliment. Sometimes it’s the first step that’s stopping you, and putting yourself out there is not as scary as it seems.

Live. Laugh. Love

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