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Preparing to head back to school in less than three months. This, just taking a look back at what I wrote in the previous month.

Saturday, June 20, 2009 · 12.29 am

Note to Guys: Don’t hang out with a girl who likes the Twilight Saga (which cuts out like one-third of the population) because you’ll kill any chance of reaching her expectations. Whether that’s the love interest of no-fail Edward Cullen, or the perfectly supportive best friend Jacob Black, or even the never-gonna-get-a-chance Mike Newton. Thanks a bunch Stephenie Meyer :)

See, summer doesn’t always go to a waste; I enriched my well being:

1. Saw dolphins near the shore of my hometown beach. First time seeing dolphins in person ever.

2. Found a perfectly intact starfish, an almost-there sand dollar, and an perfect spiral shell (organism inside just died)
3. Graced the beaches a total of ___ times and officially thinking I could become a part-time resident of Ariel’s world under the sea.
4. Created omelets that would blow the socks off of Emril’s and mastered the art of cracking an egg with one hand.
5. Read ___ books in total, and formed a new, not-so-healthy relationship with the Twilight Saga.
6. Researched my major and heading on the path of success!
7. Held about ___ heart-to-heart conversations. Yeah, those really deep ones where you love the person you’re talking to, makes you see in a new perspective/light.
8. Befriended my neighbor’s cat and I swear there’s a human inside of that creature. People think he/she “talks” to me? Recognizes my voice from across the street. Aww, formed a little connection with the orange tabby.
9. Actually finished a painting.
10. Noles and Gators can live in harmony? Haha, right.
11. Devoured one of THE BEST authentic Mexican burritos while visiting my sis in Jax. That, right there, would be my last meal.
12. You can never get enough Chelsea Lately.
13. My nails may need rehab from the number of different polish colors they’ve seen in the past months.
14. Sleeping for 10 hours at a time is a blessing in itself. I “recovered” all those lost brain cells from the school year. Oui!

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